How Telecom Partners With MSPs

Telecom works with IT managed service providers (MSPs) daily to provide solutions for our clients.  MSPs are a natural synergistic partner as there is very little overlap in service offering and very high overlap in common goals. Our passion is to help our clients by providing excellent service, recommendations, advice and project management. Our long term partnerships with MSPs have helped, and will continue to help, Telecom bring value to our clients. But most importantly there are 5 ways that Telecom brings value to MSPs:

1. Physical Layer Design 
2. Referrals
3. Ancillary services
4. National Reach 
5. Design/Build 

Physical Layer Design

Space planning, pathways and spaces, heat/cooling loads and power specifications are some of the important factors that must be considered when designing technology infrastructure within a new space.  The IT team, whether through an MSP or internal, are a key component in this planning. Telecom serves as the expert and liaison between Facilities and IT to ensure that these factors are accounted for. This design prior to construction commencement helps avoid costly change orders and helps MSPs set the expectations with the end user early in the process. One of Telecom’s key differentiators is that we have a full BICSI certified design and CAD staff.  For a sample of our design capabilities, download our Sample Design Package.


With over 30 years in business serving clients directly, Telecom has established a valued group of trusting clients. Telecom does not provide active equipment or outsourced IT services, this makes MSPs an ideal referral partner on most projects. When clients are moving they are almost always considering an IT upgrade and will need a company to assist in this transition to the new space. It is our goal to help our clients with anything that may come up during every phase of the project. Understanding the client vertical and technology requirements is vital. Telecom vets clients early in the process to make sure that they are connected with the appropriate technology provider who will be able to service them and offer the most value. We are looked at as the resource for many services and we strive to provide our clients with referrals that will improve their project and their experience. Because a successful transition is just as much about the experience as it is the end result. 

Being a Telecom referral partner is an easy way to earn extra money and diversify your income stream while also providing additional value to your clients. To learn more about our referral program or to apply please visit

Ancillary Services and Scalability 

The MSP business is primarily focused on recurring service and project work. Many MSPs are also offering cabling services, either through partners or with their own small installation staff. Telecom helps in this process by allowing MSPs to work on much larger projects and offer services that may not be a part of their core offering. Some of these ancillary services include AV, access control and camera systems, in building cellular DAS, sound masking and PoE lighting. Telecom also has the ability to offer specialized technical expertise and supplemental moving and installation staff for large projects. This allows our partners to focus on providing excellent service in the core offering and the ability to take care of any client requirement. 

National Reach 

Telecom’s sister company, Information Transport Solutions, is a certified woman owned business that is licensed in nearly all 50 states. This allows clients the ability to replicate standards nationally and provides one point of contact for national roll-outs and remote offices. MSPs can walk into an IT room in New York City and another in North Dakota and won’t have to struggle to decipher labeling schematics, patching schedules or as-built documents because of the corporate standards that we develop. This helps minimize troubleshooting, saves time and dramatically reduces the cost of MAC work. As a national partner Telecom and ITS take complete ownership of projects and eliminate headaches.


Telecom’s unique approach encompasses three types of projects:

  • Design Only
  • Design/Discount if Awarded Build
  • Design/Build

This provides several tools for MSPs depending on project size, scope requirements and client demand. Each approach has their own pros and cons that allow MSPs to offer clients options. Our unique Design, Build, Connect process was created with the goal of minimizing our clients’ stress, saving them money, and ensuring their satisfaction. 

About Telecom

We are New York’s most trusted company for design, build and maintenance of communications systems and commercial technologies. Since 1986 we have established a solid foundation as industry leaders through excellence in designing and building future-proof information and communications technology (ICT) solutions. We have also built an unshakable reputation for client satisfaction by never over-promising and under-delivering, one of our core values. Don’t take a chance with second-rate contractors for your next office buildout project, put your confidence in us and experience Telecom Difference.

For more information about Telecom Infrastructure Corp please visit our website at To view samples of our craftsmanship download our Sample Craftsmanship Document.  To learn more about how Telecom works with MSPs or to join the Telecom Partner Network please contact us via our website, email us at or call us anytime at . For more original Telecom content please check out our Blog and follow us on LinkedIn.

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